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We are dedicated to providing an unmatched experience. Our goal with laser tattoo removal is to transform what could be a permanent regret into an experience. Our professional staff is knowledgeable and friendly, we will be glad to answer any of your concerns and help you find the right service for you!

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What Our Practice Offers

We offer much more than just laser tattoo removal services!

Turn your tattoo removal experience into a time for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Remove your unwanted tattoo with no downtime.

Laser Brown Spot Removal

Get rid of those unwanted brown spots.


Decrease stress, increase circulation, and relieve muscle tension.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Return to a more natural look.


Achieve dramatic results – naturally.

And so much more…

We have not even scratched the surface!

Trusted by over 1000 Happy Clients

Tattoo Removal Services Indianapolis

Professional Care

We are ready to answer every question and help in any way that we can.  Our goal is to give you the best experience possible!

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Stacey Blanton Anderson


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What People Are Saying About Us:

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I have been a customer of Skin Renew for six months and am never disappointed! The owner, Stacey, truly cares about her customer's needs and offers an incredibly professional and welcoming experience. Stephanie is an highly-trained massage therapist and you feel as though you're floating when you leave her treatment room. Money and time well spent! I'm also impressed and now "addicted" to my monthly customized facial by Casey. She's a educated and passionate esthetician, offering treatments and products that are exactly what my skin needs. Emminence, an organic skin care line I wasn't previously aware of, is so luxurious, surprisingly affordable and truly works! I just had my fourth facial and can't wait to go back next month. Also, be sure to consider becoming a MEMBER. The cost savings and loyalty rewards are second-to-none and I'm kicking myself I didn't join the first time I walked through the doors! Treat yourself and pamper yourself -- you deserve it! Congrats to Stacey and her team -- they are THE BEST!

– Ramona Christen Adams

I can not express enough how amazing this facility is. I've notice after my first session that my tattoo started fading and I'm looking forward to my next upcoming session! The staff is so welcoming and knowledgeable! I would recommend them to anyone!

– Stephanie Webb

I had such a wonderful experience at Skin Renew Day Spa. Super relaxing and high end spa without the usual stuffy customer service. All of the employees are down to earth, straight forward, and approachable. The 60 minute massage was the best I have ever had. I appreciated the attention to detail. For instance, during the neck and scalp portion of the massage the masseuse was careful to keep the massage oils out of my hair. I loved being able to leave the spa and run a few errands without needing to go home and completely wash, dry, and style my hair. Skin Renew Day Spa is what the south side has needed for a long time!

– Amy Stultz

Erase Your Ink With Tattoo Removal

Effective Professional Laser Tattoo Removal in Indianapolis

Almost 30% of people in the U.S. have at least a single tattoo, and of that 30% just about half of all millennials have one. Unfortunately, not everyone ends up happy with their decision. In fact, as many as 25% of people with a tattoo admit that they regretted getting it. If you are in that 25%, the first step is to Book Your Free Consultation with Indy Tattoo Removal. Our tattoo removal experts will be able to answer all you questions during your consultation as well as design you a personalized treatment plan.

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective technique for fading or removing your unwanted ink – without scarring the skin! Professional laser tattoo removal treatments can be performed on all skin tones. Black tattoo ink absorbs all laser wavelengths, making black ink tattoos the easiest pigment to treat.

How Long Does It Take To Erase My Tattoo

No single laser device is effective at breaking up all pigments, however, other colors are able to be treated using select lasers based upon the specific pigment color being treated. Most laser tattoo removal treatment plans require 6 to 8 sessions, while larger ones take about 10 sessions.

Determining the ease or difficulty of removing a tattoo depends upon these main factors, outside of which type of laser to use:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • Colors used
  • Positioning of the tattoo on the body
  • Size/depth of the tattoo
  • Smoker or non-smoker
  • Sun exposure
  • Cover-ups

In order to allow the skin to properly heal in between sessions, laser tattoo removal sessions are spaced out from 6 to 8 or sometimes 12 weeks. Older tattoos generally fade more easily than newer ink. We are able to remove an entire tattoo or rewind just a specific section of the design.

Tattooing Over A Removed Tattoo

Since the ink on the skin will be professionally treated, you will be able to get a new tattoo in the exact same place. Although, it is advised to wait at least 6 weeks before being tattooed again. This is just to ensure the skin is healthy enough to go under the tattoo gun again.